I've learned something new

Last night I decided to pop in an oldie but a goodie movie, Emma. I love Jane Austen!!! I wanted to relax and knit. See the new scarf I'm working on. I call it Meandering. When I finish it I will post the recipe for it. Nice reversible scarf. This photo doesn't show it off well. My new trick? Drinking and knitting. I've been leery about it as I usually get tired while drinking. My evils? Irish Cream, well before that was a little bit of port that I had left. mmmm. I can knit and drink. Hah! I got skills! A friend was also kind enough to turn me on to Limonata. mmmmm. It's like sparkling homemade lemonade, but much more expensive, lol.

If you haven't guessed, eq2freak is my husband. What a dork! I mean... you are my sweet prince. Yeah... that's what I mean. snicker. Today we picked up Rowan's pictures we had taken a few weeks ago. What a heartbreaker! Next Sunday we are going to get all of the little chillens pictures taken. Me...stressed... TOTALLY! I mean, 7 kids, all looking neat and tidy, all smiling at the same time, can we say mission impossible? hehehe. I style Grace and Bella's hair, walk to the van, and they look like they've never had a comb taken to them. *sigh* 7 kids... Seven children... YOU HAVE SEVEN KIDS!!! That's right. I'm a little unbalanced and that's the way I like my world. I'm a tattooed, pierced, baby lovin' 30 year old freak. I wouldn't have it any other way. Well, maybe some fun colors streaked through my hair. Freakboy won't leeeeeet me do it. Just kidding, lol, let's just say he wouldn't be happy with me. As long as he keeps his extra weight on him to fulfill my chub fetish I guess I can keep my hair a 'nermal' color. The moment he goes on a diet though, blam-o rainbow hair. hehehe. Oh! Maybe get my lip pierced too. He thinks if I get any more facial piercings I will cross the line into piercing freak. What's wrong with that? I have my eyebrow, nose and tragus pierced. I had to let my tongue heal up as I kept grinding it in my sleep and causing painful sore blisters on the roof of my mouth. Yuck!

Tonight's entertainment are movies (help us all, dorkboy is selecting them) and something he scavenges along the road, err I mean from the store. hehehe. We have a bunch o' kids, kain't afferd no vittels. LMBO. Well, that's what some people think. I even had one lady ask me where I buy my groceries from. The grocery store you freakin' moron. Course I didn't say that. Told hubby and he said, "we shop at the store for only big families..." derrrr. You wouldn't believe how many people ask if my husband has a good job... or if my husband makes lots 'o money. snicker. I need to start coming up with one liners. 'my husband is unemployed and we live off welfare.' 'you wouldn't believe how much welfare pays for all these kids, that's why we keep having them.' I guess only uneducated rednecks can have large families. tee hee.

We are e-vile geniuses trying to take over the world, one child at a time!


Pamelamama said...

Hi Loralyn!

Tam said...

Your lucky. My wife won't let me grow my mowhawk back...she says fathers have to be presentable. I am saving for more tattoos though!

me said...

***Waves*** Howdy Pamela. Thank you for visiting my blog. ***hugs***

Tam- no mohawk :(. The way I see it is that we only have 1 life to live, might as well enjoy it. Having said that, sometimes having a spouse happy is the only way to enjoy it. hehe. Happy wife, happy life. lol.