So Sporadic!

Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Ok, so I blog and I blog and I make it habit. Then life gets in the way. Then the guilt from not blogging gets to me. Then the to do list in order to blog gets made. And then procrastination sets in... I know someone out there understands! hehehehe.

Lots going on. Building a shed. Had a leak in the kitchen and it still is torn apart. We begin remodelling this weekend. Woo hoo! Been sick a lot lately. Yuck!

Been spinning a lot lately. Trying my hand at a new craft. Pictures will come eventually.

Thinking about switching to a different blogging software so that I can set up a store, cuz god knows I have an overly full wardrobe of handknits. Also, have too many skeins spun up to knit. And, I can finally get my patterns up for sale. Still thinking about it though. Would need to rearrange my life though. Procrastination setting in... hehehe.

I really, really, really badly want to open a retail (brick and mortar) store. I don't know what I'd sell. I don't know what I want to do. But the desire keeps getting bigger and bigger. Some day it will explode into a hopefully brilliant idea. Explode will come... impending... but keeping fingers crossed its brilliant. snicker!

I do exist. I'm still alive and kicking. I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. hehehe.