Lookee what I did!

I added photos. Its quite appropriate as I've been nicknamed the foto popo just this week. Foto popo? I'm THE moderator for Yahoo! Wool Soaker group. Jealous, aren't ya. LMBO. Anyway, being the popo that I am I had to crack down on the fotos... foto popo. Thank you Patti for always making me laugh till my sides hurt. Wool Soakers are HOT! The wool soaker group is HOT! Paris Hilton is HOT! Just kidding. snicker. Check us out at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wool_soaker_group/ if you wanna be HOT! Tee hee.

Nothing going on in the knitting world. Working through an HTML tutorial right now. Oh Oh Oh, I bought some yarn today... does that count? hehehe

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EQ2Freak said...

You bought MORE yarn? Lovely....B)