Roast Beast anyone?

I'm sitting here talking to my oldest, Anna, about music. I recently purchased a Coldplay CD and Cure's 2004 CD. I said that the Cure is really old and has been around since I was a kid. Grace says, "you was a kid?" Yes, momma was a kid. She's always telling me that she's gonna grow big and grandma is gonna grow small like her. lol. In many ways, grandma IS growing small like her. snicker. So then Anna asks, "what's for dinner?" Before I can say enchiladas Grace answers back "Roast Beast!" lol.

"What's for dinner?" The single most asked question in this house. It's like the kids wake up and decide whether or not the day is going to be good by the dinner menu.

I was informed by my oldest that I'm lazy. Man, was I upset! We sat down for a discussion. I found out that I'm lazy because I don't help her with her chores!!! She's almost 11 years old! So we added up the minutes it took for her to do an excellent job on her chores. Ha! I wish! Like that ever happens. Anyway... 26 minutes. A day. I explained to her that some days I work from the minute I wake up to the moment I go to sleep. Often with multiple children. So, it's 1 p.m., we're chatting, right? I ask her how much time I've spent doing things I want to do. I had knit 2 rows on my shrug. Less than 10 minutes if you don't count my shower. I think according to kid standard I should count that though... :p So then I ask her how much time had she spent doing things she wanted. An hour and a half. And since we'd already done our chores and schoolwork, she had 4.5 hours till dinner time to do whatever she wanted. Oh, the misery and agony of being a child. How I wish to be punished and put on a child's schedule. lol. To sleep... like a child... instead of with 3 children... *sigh* Life would be so good. hehehe. I don't think there is a more challenging job out there. To be a parent. A good parent. But to be a great parent... I know the older I get, the more children I have, the better I get. It's a long road with a precious reward at the end of it. The whole journey... the most precious treasure of all!

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Hey, What's for dinner?