Happy Birthday Anna!

Happy birthday my sweetest Anna Marie! You have blessed my life with your precious spirit! I have become a better person because of you. I can remember the day you made me a mom like it was yesterday. How I loved to hold your little baby body next to miss and kiss your head and whisper promises of the future to you. How I now love to hold you to me, kiss your head, and still whisper sweet promises to you. You have always had an adventurous spirit. Happy birthday!

My sweet Anna turned 11 years old today. I can't believe I've been a mother now for 11 years! How time flies. I still feel like I just graduated high school.

So, I added some of my FO's on the sidebar. I added a pattern I wrote up for Madalyn's birthday. Don't you just love that photo of her. lol. She was trying to take a pose for the photo like we did for the photo shoot. The photographer was trying to get us to look away from him, like just slightly over his shoulder and stuff. Madalyn did a great job, but she looks a little forlorn. You can take it as her trying to model for me. hehehe. Gotta love 'em.

We are going to celebrate Anna's birthday tomorrow as Tim has to work late tonight. Should be tons of fun. Sunday we are going over to a friend's house to play cards. I'm jumping up and down as giddy as a school girl. How I long for adult interaction. The only adult in this house is me and I get bored talking to myself or tired of the arguments. (What did you just say? I told you to shut up!) Tim gets a little worried when that happens. Oh, that's right... Tim is physically an adult. I should say that I long for adult minds interaction. snicker. Anyway, dinner is ready, shepherd's pie, and the kids are circling like wolves. :)


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