Beautiful Day

Yesterday was amazingly peaceful considering I woke with a headache and it just kept getting worse as the day went along eventually making me sick to my tummy.  I have been slowly working on eating smaller portions for months.  Now I usually don't even eat half my food when we go out to eat.  Usually much less.  So of course yesterday I ate all of my breakfast which I regretted later. 

But it was so beautiful and so peaceful yesterday was refreshing no matter the headache.  Here are some photos with some comments.

I'm sorry, but I think these signs are hilarious.  I could totally see the sneaker wave tapping on your shoulder and then hiding.

Do you see the commercial activity?  I thought those were called drug deals...

You can find the free pattern here.  Obviously I should not have been knitting yesterday.  I tink-ed more stitched than I knit.  1 stitch forward 2 back was totally the mode of the day.
 This is the bell I mentioned from yesterday.  These were used as currency (as were many bronze objects) and were used by women in particular.  They would sew these together onto clothing to keep evil away.  Tim got me one for my birthday.  I adore it!

And these I got for myself for my birthday :) .  The rings are the Celtic coins I was talking about yesterday.  Interestingly, these were often embellished with 3 knobs, fins, or dragons as a spiritual symbol believed to represent the Triple Goddess.  These were strung on leather or sewn to clothing as well. 

For my someday wish list I would love to have one that fits my finger as a ring (also commonly worn as) and a special ring for a pendant with either knobs or dragons.

We are headed home today after poking around slowly.  We are driving up the coast and hope to stop for lots of photo opportunities.  I'll see if I can get Tim to post some of his photos on this blog as well. 

I hope you have a blessed day filled with peace. 

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