100 Things About Me

1. My name is Loralyn Wanda Horine.
2. My name is derived from women in my family. Lora was my great-grandmother's first name, Lynn was my aunt's middle name, and Wanda was my grandmother's middle name.
3. I am married to my best friend, Tim.
4. I have seven babies, Anna Marie 11, Madalyn Laurice 8, Timothy David Jr 7, Grace Ellen 3, Isabella Pelagia 2, Rowan James 2, and Lily Mae 1.5 months.
5. I have 2 step-sons, Jacob Bishop 13 and Zachary Taylor 9.
6. I'm born and raised in Washington state.
7. I lived in Southern California for 5 months in 1991.
8. I lived in Michigan for 5 months in 1994.
9. My birthday is February 22, 1975.
10. My first marriage was when I was 18 years old.
11. I was divorced at 21 years old.
12. My marriage lasted that long because ex-hub was military and gone for over half that time.
13. I received my AS in 2001.
14. I am the first in 5 generations to graduate from high school, let alone any sort of college degree.
15. I want to eventually go on for my BS, probably in mathematics.
16. I probably won't ever use that degree except for the boost in pride.
17. I come from poor white trash in all the bad meanings of that phrase.
18. My mother had me when she was 17.
19. I have 3 half sisters and 2 half brothers from my mom.
20. My mom died in 1986, less than a month before I turned 11.
21. I became an orphan as I had no father listed on my birth certificate.
22. My legal guardians tracked down my biological father in 1990.
23. I met him for the first time in 1990.
24. I don't have a relationship with him because he didn't want to develop one.
25. Overall, I'm ok with that.
26. My legal guardians adopted me in 2001.
27. I have 4 adopted sisters and 1 adopted brother.
28. My adopted siblings are all the biological product of my adopted parents.
29. Boy, I like talking about myself.
30. I was a vegetarian as a teenager.
31. My adopted family are a bunch of loggers, wood mill workers and meat cutters.
32. Being a tree hugging vegetarian in a family like this... not an easy mix.
33. In high school I went through many phases.
34. I went through a goth phase before there was such a thing.
35. You can paint your nails with clear polish and color in with a black sharpie to get black fingernails when black fingernail polish isn't available (or even in stores like back then).
36. Dyeing your hair black, by yourself, at 14 years old results in very streaky hair. lol.
37. 1 goth girl in a school of cowboy hicks... no one even wants to look at you because of fear.
38. I listed to Cure's 'Love Song' every night when I went to bed. I had it on repeat all night long.
39. I went through a hippy period in high school as well.
40. Dad's closet is an excellent source for butterfly polyester shirts.
41. I was a total trendsetter before my time!
42. I hear now that in my high school some people don't even own cowboy boots, how shocking! lol.
43. My favorite book is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.
44. I love A&E's version of the book.
45. My favorite drink is Mountain Dew.
46. I make midnight runs for it when I run out.
47. Doctor says that I have an addiction to it. He thinks a 12 pack a day is too much. Doctors are stupid.
48. I'm not addicted to Mountain Dew.
49. Did I say I like talking about myself?
50. hrmm, lets see... I'm artsy fartsy.
51. I rubber stamp.
52. I scrap book.
53. I draw.
54. I love to do oil paintings.
55. I quilt.
56. I attempt to make clothes.
57. I love needlework.
58. I crochet.
59. I knit.
60. (insert screeching tires audio) I have a yarn problem.
61. I buy too much yarn.
62. I love to sniff yarn. Yes, I'm a yarn huffer.
63. I have over 30 UFOs (unfinished objects) in knitting alone.
64. I have ADHD.
65. I'm amazed when I finish anything.
66. I'm going to be particularly proud when I finish this list.
67. I love hazelnuts.
68. I especially love hazelnut chocolates.
69. tee hee, 69...
70. I consider myself mature... 69 tee hee.
71. I love snuggling babies.
72. I had to be a mother so that people would stop staring at me. It seems more logical for a grown woman to tie a blanket around her neck and 'fly' through the house when kids are around.
73. Even my kids look at me with the 'what the...' expression when I fly through the house with a blanket cape.
74. I sing christmas songs all year round. sniff sniff, even hubby makes fun of me for this.
75. We don't celebrate christmas, what's up with the song singing!!!
76. ummm... I stay up way too late. Currently going to bed between 2-5 a.m.
77. Always been a night owl.
78. I've always tried to fight it.
79. I love the idea of sitting back, having a drink and relaxing. In reality, I have average 1 drink every 2 months.
80. When I was a teenager I wanted straight black hair, violet eyes and to be named Bleu.
81. I have naturally curly dark brown hair.
82. I have blue eyes. Hubby would describe them as being light grey/blue.
83. I am currently 45 lbs. overweight. Give me a break, I just had a kid!!!
84. I don't pay attention well. Even when I find something interesting.
85. I have bad hearing. I need to go to the doctor to have my ears checked. Stupid doctors.
86. I started repeating to people what I hear them saying.
87. I can swear up and down my hubby called me a 'stupid whore' when we were out to dinner. We laugh about that one still. Btw, my hubby would NEVER do that.
88. Schwann's has an ice cream bar called gold nuggit. I think there's something like 12 in a box. I have eaten an entire box in one sitting.
89. I am a fiend for candy.
90. I used to take my lunch money and buy 5 candy bars for lunch.
91. I currently have a wide selection of candy at my house. Got to be at least 5 pounds here.
92. I'm 5'10". It wasn't until 9th grade that there was a boy my height in my grade.
93. My favorite color is blue.
94. My favorite food is peas. Yes, now you know I AM a freak.
95. I seperate my candy and eat them by colors.
96. I have to eat my meals one dish at a time. No taking a bite of steak, then a bite of potatoes, then a bite of salad for me. I would eat all the salad, then the potato and finally the steak.
97. I'll eat an ice cream cone minutes before dinner.
98. I don't let me kids do that.
99. I love to have my babies sleeping with me.
100. drum roll... I like talking about myself.


Sarah said...

That was really fun! I even learned things about you that I never knew before!!! Very cute!

me said...

Wow, I thought you knew everything about me. hehehe. It was fun to write up. After finishing it, I kept coming up with new ones. lol.

sydney said...

Candy loving, yarn hoarding/huffing, ADHD, Goth chick...now I know what kind of person you REALLY are. I LOVE IT!! You are so funny, creative and you just plain ROCK!!

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed that! It's so refreshing for people to be open and silly! Why do we feel that when we get old we have to be boring and constrained?