It's going to be a great day!

That's what I woke up saying. It is going to be a great day!

Ok, so I last blogged on Friday. I wish I've done better blogging. Anyway, so Saturday started off great. We had been playing badminton off and on all day. I finally won a game, woo hoo! I was so excited!!! I think my batting average is 1%, hehehe. I was just sitting down to blog I was so excited. Rowan and Bella were playing in our coat closet. Cutie bugs. I pick up my laptop and Rowan starts screaming in front of me. He had a hanger hanging out of his eye and he's trying to rip it out. I started screaming at Tim. Madalyn is on the couch screaming and totally flipping out. I throw down my laptop and run over to him as he's madly flailing. I pull the hanger out which is now hanging on his lower eyelid. I sit down with him putting pressure on his eye. I just know he's blind in that eye and expect to see blood everywhere when I move my hand. Tim finally walks out of the bedroom, that's where he's freaking with EQ, and says, "whasshappening?" Madalyn and I both start blabbering to him. He grabs Rowan, checks him out, then sits down to munch on some watermelon with him!!! I can't believe it. He's unharmed! Tim hadn't even realized anything was wrong because he couldn't hear over his 7 point computer sound system. grrrr. Anyway, I had to lay down because I was blacking out. I've rarely been that scared! Madalyn packed Rowan around for the rest of day. She was pretty shaken up over it.

So, Sunday. We went to the photo shoot. I was hoping that they wouldn't need me, right? Well, they did so I helped out. I don't know how many shots they'll be able to use from us. Anna was thrilled to do some modeling. Isabella was uncooperative. Rowan didn't model anything as the sweater's neckhole was too small. Lily got to model a sweater and a hat. Even Tim got in on the action. We weren't expecting that so don't know how many good garment shots they got from him as he was wearing Hawaiian shorts... doesn't complement large heavy winter sweaters. lol. I even forgot to take out my piercings, sorry bout that! So I call on Monday to see how they turned out. Like I thought. Not gonna be able to use a whole lot of the shots, but they want to know if I'm comfortable being on the cover!!! I'm ok with that... really I am... I'm just so super self-conscious that I would never choose for myself to be on the cover. I'm the type of person that goes to a party and then spends the next 3 days going over every bit of conversation to see if I sounded stupid, ignorant or just plain tard. *sigh*

Monday felt like a total waste to me. I didn't get any homeschooling finished before we had company. We had a couple o' grandmas and other relatives over. Then I realized that I HAD to go grocery shopping. crisis level here. By the time we got home the day was practically over. But, yummmmmmm we had honey salmon, baby greens and peas for dinner.

So that sort of catches us up. Feel better? I do. hehehe.

Fiber world... I bought some more yarn. (hide my face) More wool to try out on soakers. It's for business, that justifies it, right? I haven't done a whole lot of knitting or crocheting. I finished the new Harry Potter book yesterday. I was a little disappointed with the size of it. I thought it was going to be a big book. 650 pages of large print doesn't count as a big book to me. I read the first 1/4th while taking a bath. I finished the book in less than 2 days all while playing badminton, homeschooling, shopping, etc. Normally I sit down and read a book in one sitting. hehehe. Anyway, so knitting. Have about 9 inches more to go on the pillow cover. Hope to finish that up in the next couple of days. Then finish the scarf. I am *so* torn. I keep buying yarn. I'm not buying it nearly as fast as I used to. I have this *need* to move to Ireland though. I'm hoping to move there in 8 years (when my oldest can choose to come with us or stay here with her dad). I cannot ship my whole stash over. I just won't. But my only options are 1)use it up and stop buying more until it's all used up 2)sell it off or 3)pay for it to go into storage. I'm rooting for option 1, but I'm too undisciplined I'm afraid.

Time to get off the cpu and tend to my little ones. Time for schoolwork and boobie munching (breastfeeding). See you all next time at the Crazy Station. *waves*

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