Death By Shuttlecock?!?

T-man and I have been playing badminton almost every night now for about a month. Yesterday, he starts making fun of me for flinching every time the birdie (shuttlecock) comes at me. Ok, so he makes fun of me for just about everything, but hey, we're talking about badminton, right?

Well, I can't handle playing out in the bright sunlight. Playing completely blind. He slams the birdie straight at me... and... Bam! Right in the eye!!! If I end up with a black eye I'll... I'll... I don't know what I'll do! Maybe take photos and hold them for blackmail.

"...really now, I think you have plenty of yarn to run a freakin' internet store..." Bam! Out comes the photos and I'll do something like clutch my eye remembering the pain... hehehehe.

Now I'm blind from the sun and the attack of the shuttlecock. I start wandering blindly towards our front steps so that I can clutch madly at my eye when POP I step on a slug!!! Oh how grody! So now he's laughing at me because of the sun, the attack, and the slug. Is my only value to you of that of entertainment? Why, oh why? Why have *I* chosen to hitch my wagon to this madman? He tries to justify all of this by bringing up the things I do to him. Come on! How does pouring water down his shorts compare? Or even spitting water all over him? I mean, even waiting in the dark so that I can scare him doesn't compare.

Now the plotting begins... how can I extract my revenge? Nothing simple. Nothing he can expect. Muh-ah-ah-ah-ah........ .


Theresa said...

I think you should buy yarn every time he gets you with the birdie ;)

me said...

oooh, I like this thinking! I get hit several times a day... Makes my yarn habit explainable. lol.