Meandering Scarf

Meandering Scarf
200 yds Wool in Woods*
size L hook
size 10.5 needles

gauge: 5 sts and 4 rows per inch relaxed

size: 4 3/4" by 70"

Row A: k1, *k2, p2* to last stitch, k1.
Row B: *k2, p2* to last 2 stitches, k2.
Row C: k1, p1, *k2, p2* to last 4 stitches, k2, p1, k1.
Row D: k1, *p2, k2* to last stitch, k1.

Crochet cast-on 22 stitches.**
Work following rows as set by above row definitions.
1-2: A
3: B
4: C
5-6: D
7: C
8: B
Repeat rows 1-8 once.
Repeat rows 1-2 once.
19: C
20: B
21-22: D
23: B
24: C
25-26: A
Repeat rows 19-26 three times more.
Repeat rows 19-22 once.
Repeat rows 7-8 once.

Repeat above rows until length desired ending with row 18.
*Yarn was wound from hank and was labeled as Wool in Woods. They had a limited yarn with wool and alpaca. This appears to be it. It is a single ply.
**Here are instructions for doing the crochet cast-on: http://www.knitnet.com/common/support/caston.htm . If you'd prefer to do a different cast-on, go for it. This cast-on matches the bind off and is a nice way to make both ends complimentary.

Other notes: This reversible scarf is basically a k2, p2 rib that meanders. Here are some observations that might help make the scarf easier. On the odd number rows the stitches 'walk' one stitch to the left or right depending on which direction the ribs are traveling. On the even number rows you are going to k1, knit what you see, k1. Knit what you see? If you see a knit stitch hanging off the needle, knit it. If you see a purl stitch hanging off the needle, purl it. I hung a marker off the front of the scarf to indicate the odd side. If I saw the marker, take those stitches for a walk, if not, knit what I saw. Hope this helps.

I did my best to proofread this pattern. Please let me know if you find any errors and I will fix it. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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Sahara said...

Cool scarf! Thanks for sharing the pattern!
Lisa in Oregon