Beautiful Day

Yesterday was amazingly peaceful considering I woke with a headache and it just kept getting worse as the day went along eventually making me sick to my tummy.  I have been slowly working on eating smaller portions for months.  Now I usually don't even eat half my food when we go out to eat.  Usually much less.  So of course yesterday I ate all of my breakfast which I regretted later. 

But it was so beautiful and so peaceful yesterday was refreshing no matter the headache.  Here are some photos with some comments.

I'm sorry, but I think these signs are hilarious.  I could totally see the sneaker wave tapping on your shoulder and then hiding.

Do you see the commercial activity?  I thought those were called drug deals...

You can find the free pattern here.  Obviously I should not have been knitting yesterday.  I tink-ed more stitched than I knit.  1 stitch forward 2 back was totally the mode of the day.
 This is the bell I mentioned from yesterday.  These were used as currency (as were many bronze objects) and were used by women in particular.  They would sew these together onto clothing to keep evil away.  Tim got me one for my birthday.  I adore it!

And these I got for myself for my birthday :) .  The rings are the Celtic coins I was talking about yesterday.  Interestingly, these were often embellished with 3 knobs, fins, or dragons as a spiritual symbol believed to represent the Triple Goddess.  These were strung on leather or sewn to clothing as well. 

For my someday wish list I would love to have one that fits my finger as a ring (also commonly worn as) and a special ring for a pendant with either knobs or dragons.

We are headed home today after poking around slowly.  We are driving up the coast and hope to stop for lots of photo opportunities.  I'll see if I can get Tim to post some of his photos on this blog as well. 

I hope you have a blessed day filled with peace. 


Ignore The Text, Look at the Photos

Yesterday was an amazingly relaxing day.  I woke up at 7 a.m. like a good girl.  After breakfast we walked the beach.  Photos to follow.  If you are into photography and you think of any tips, please send them my way.  I am looking for a good book on the subject and haven’t found one yet.
We then walked Cannon Beach, the town.  Cannon Beach was originally an artist community and that flavor still is evident.  The older I get, the more bored I get with shopping, and the more I just want to park myself on the beach and commune. 
But, we found a treasure shop and I kinda have wants.  They have some proto-Celtic items that I would love to have.  Some bells that were worn to ward off evil.  And some currency.  The currency are simple circles and they have some mounted as jewelry that I really like the looks of. 
I did buy myself something at Coastal Yarn, well duh!  I will take photos tomorrow of the project.  I got some Madelinetosh DK for a honey cowl for myself.  The color is called black current.  I’ve been wanting to make myself one of these and while I do have a magnificent yarn stash, I don’t have a lot of dk weight to choose from.  And definitely not enough yardage for this project.
We had a nice lunch and then went back to our room to rest a bit before heading back to the beach… that didn’t work out quite like I had planned.  I was exhausted from poor sleep (developed a toothache on Monday) and took a nap that went from 20 minutes to 3 hours.  I needed it obviously.
I finished the slipper I was working on for Tim and then cast on for my cowl, woot.  Sorry Tim, gonna have to wait on your slippers and socks.
Today we are heading into Seaside.  I’m hoping to go bowling later. 
Oh, and thank you everyone for the birthday wishes.  You all are so sweet to me!  Hasta Luego Bonitas!


This Blog isn't Dead?

I started a new blog, Mutterings of a Madwoman, and as I've been playing around with it I noticed that this blog is still getting quite a few hits per day.  So I thought I would update this blog a bit.  I don't plan on deleting this blog, but I won't really be posting any more.  I may choose to cross post if there is knitting involved :). 

My current wip in case you are curious is Tembo.  I am working on the collar at the moment and I really enjoy the construction of this piece. 

Ok, so before I rattle on and on... see ya around the blogosphere!


Another silly quiz

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No photos

Well, I woke up and am at 195.4 lbs today. Almost to my next goal of 195 lbs. I don't call it until I am there or under. Maybe tomorrow. Lost 2 inches off my waist in the last month. Woot! I got back on Monday night from my training. It was wonderful and I feel more empowered.

Knitting front: I finished a felted tote from "Knitting for Peace." I am really enjoying that book and find it very inspiring. It sounded silly to me, but bought it any way. LOL! I am currently working on an hourglass sweater from Knit Picks Andean Silk in olive. I'm at the waist increases now. I will take photos soon.

Spinning front: I finally broke out my charkha last night. I sat down with the video and started spinning on it right away. Totally fun and addicting since you fill a bobbin quickly. I want to read a book on Gandhi soon. Sort of goes along with the theme of knitting for peace. I love the idea of nonviolent protesting. It's the whole 'green peace-er' in me. Not that I have ever been a part of Green Peace, but I was always called one when growing up. Stigma? Not! Total compliment even if it wasn't meant that way. LOL!

Gonna go knit for a bit. Have a knitty day!


Woot! I finally made it to my first goal!

Today, I am at 199.8 lbs. Party time! Woot! Actually, no party time. I have to get ready for a class tonight and I leave tomorrow for training for 6 days. Gotta run. Time for nap for the wee ones and time for me to kick it into high gear. Hugs!
p.s. next goal is 195 lbs. Here I come!


Yeah, well, Strike That!

Ignore everything I said before about plans. I don't even want to go there. LOL! I have been up to lots and lots. I tried out Typepad thinking it would be easier to customize than Blogger, but it isn't so here we go again.

Above you can see my ticker for weight loss. For some reason it can't do math properly as I have lost 9 lbs today! Not too bad for less than 2 weeks. I am currently on a "raw" foods diet. I have been on this before and loved it. It is a bit difficult to stay dedicated to it as you pretty much have to pack food with you every where you go. I made the mistake of Sunday taking unprepared food with me to a potluck so that I could whip something up for myself. By the time the potluck began I was too hungry and just dug into the cooked foods. Oh well. Lesson learned. We have another potluck this Sunday and I'm definitely taking prepared foods with me. I started on this again not so much for the weight loss, which I'm not going to complain about, but to detox and get healthy. I tried to quit smoking at the same time. When you choose not to drink coffee, eat candy, or drink Mountain Dew.... you've cut almost all indulgences. I had to start smoking again after a half a day as I was going to kill people. LOL!

I am really looking forward to being under 200 lbs. Since having gained all this weight with my fifth pregnancy I've flirted with 200 lbs a couple of times, but never has fulfilled it.

I know some of you will object to a "raw" foods diet and voice your concerns for my health. I love you too! :) Trust that I've done the research. Trust that I know my body well enough to stop when I know something isn't right. If you can get past the detox phase you will see what I mean about my body feeling lighter, better clarity of mind, and an increase of energy. I'm in the eye of the detox phase so yesterday I was feeling like total crap.

I would really like to continue on this diet for as long as it is needed/desired. I'm concerned as I leave this Wednesday for a week in which the retreat center will be making all the food. I think I will pack some foods for me to supplement their meals. I know they will have some raw foods there. I'm thinking of trying a hard core detox diet when I get back. I don't know. I have 3 weeks from the return of that training till I leave for the next training in Virginia. I'm a jet setter, ya know?

I will stop boring you for now. Loves to my peeps!