Just Checking In

I am so excited! My friend, Sarah, flew in from Texas yesterday. She's spending tonight, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning with me. We're getting tattoos and yarn shop hopping. Oh. My. Goodness. I knew we had a lot of yarn shops in this area, but over 25 within an hour of me... How do you choose which ones to go to? hehehe. I found a new tattoo parlor near me. Now I just have to decide which one to get. A friend loaned me a Celtic design book full of animorphs. I can't for the life of me find a Celtic phoenix design. That's what I really want. Although I found a traditional phoenix that I adore. I'm going with an animorph this time though. Oh, and I'm getting another one touched up. I'll show pictures afterwards. Woo hoo!

I finished the crochet pillow. Hopefully will post pictures and pattern before Monday. As soon as I get my laptop back I will post a couple other patterns as well. Slowly hacking away at Ruffles. Problem is that my house is bothering me. We don't even have an average amount of clutter, but I can't stand even a little bit! I cleared out some clutter from my bedroom, bathroom and Timothy's room yesterday. I bagged up a whole garbage bag of my clothes and another one of the younger kids' toys. Anna and Madalyn are fearfully awaiting their bedroom hack jobs.

Well, Mr. Kissyface, Rowan, has tired of kissing me and is ferociously started attacking the keyboard so I will say adios for today.

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