Hail me, the Tard Queen!

I was going to say something flattering such as I'm such a good blogger, but I thought I'd be honest. hehe. I did some more improving on the blog. Finally added 3 more patterns. Yeah me! Photo to the left shows my in progress poncho. I'm not sure how the pattern will work out for others, but I guess we'll see as peeps try it out.

Yarn review time! Recycled Sari yarns. Mango Moon is delightful. Soft and magical. Wonderful to wear and work with. Tibet is so scratchy in the hank that I haven't even tried it. It feels like rough rope. I bought some of this recycled silk shown here the other day. Shop owner said that it was much better than Tibet. My only hope is that it will soften greatly after washing, cuz right now... ugh! It has garbage spun into it. Like paper, grass, thread that obviously did NOT come from sari remnants. It is terribly scratchy. As I play with the knitted portion it does feel like it is softening, but hey! Save yourself some agony and go for the good stuff, Mango Moon.

Here is my other WIP. I know, I know. I said I would be done with it by now. It's killing me. It is so. boring. Mind numbing even. I am working a little bit on it each day. I think the pattern maybe a little off though. It already is very long and still have half my 3rd skein left. It calls for 4 skeins. I'm 5'10". 4 skeins and I could wrap it around my neck 3 times and it'll still drag on the floor. Ok, so I don't know that for sure, but it really is long already.

Good news. I haven't purchased any yarn in like 4 days. And I didn't even buy it. LYS gave me a skein of Classic Elite Blythe for writing a pattern for a little collar and knitting one for them. Now if I could only get them to do that with Queen Mab. The scheming begins, lol.

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