Bad blogger

It's been a week already! Wow, time flies by. Let's see, I worked down at my LYS last week for a day. That's a big no no. Now I have so much on my list to buy. Oh no!!! Sweater didn't make it in yet. Will have to wait another 2 weeks before I can start on Queen Mab. Sad, but I can knock out a few more projects in that waiting time. Cafe Bastille is knit and blocking. Must not have had enough ventilation because it has been blocking for 2 days now. I moved it to the floor to finish blocking with a fan on it. That should do it. Don't want it to mildew!!! I started another project while I am waiting to finish that. I am making Boogie from Knitty.com out of some Reynold's Cabana I had in my stash.

I haven't bought yarn in weeks! Can you believe that? Course that's because my sweater hasn't come in yet. I've been a good widdle girl!

Not much time here. Gonna post pictures of my lovely hubby when the sweater is finished. Will post pictures of Boogie when it is done as well. Should be done on Wednesday. Gotta love fast projects!

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