Back to knitting

Yahoo! I finished my clapotis. Eventually will get photos up... someday. I also was able to finish all the knitted foods I wanted to for Madalyn's 8th birthday. Knitted foods? Check 'em out at www.wildcrafts.net/catalog .

I'm currently working on the Shapely Tank pattern from www.whiteliesdesigns.com . I'm using Rowan Calmer for this tank. I think I may need to pick up another skein to finish this. I am about 1/4 done with back. Finished the front about a week ago.

Wooly Wonder Forums is having a Stash game. It ends June 17th. I really thought I would finish more before the end of it. I guess getting ready for Lily and then her arrival kind of set me back a tad. Oh well.

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