Kack! Me work, nevah!

Well, the yearly bug to work on my own business has bite me again. A business? me? Not really. More like a hobby. I enjoy having things hanging over my head. A little over a year ago I decided to become a business owner. Cloth diapering products, children's clothing, natural parenting, etc... I just can't seem to stay focused long enough to actually accomplish anything. All the while I'm paying all the expenses of having a professional website. Oh, and don't forget the prefolds, Snappi products and the other what nots hanging out in my garage.

So, I gotta learn to do this thing. I've created my own personal sites before. Created my own graphics, wallpapers, heck I even have a year of graphic design under my belt. This whole html stuff is like learning a foreign language... don't use it, lose it. Not only that, but the complexities of shopping carts. *sigh*

Knitting world? In the day of the life of a freak (hint the freak is me) I was fairly disciplined today. My little ones are a little behind in their homeschooling. Even further behind for my tastes. We got in a great day of schooling!!! Yahoo! Tim made a deal with Anna. If she can get to level 6 in her math by January he'll buy her a Nintendo DS. She's so freakin' freaked! Madalyn's drooling over her Gameboy SP as she only has an Advance. Don't even ask me how I got here... knitting, right! No knitting today. Just crochet. I started on a pillow to coordinate with the never ending blasted afghan. Grrr... why can't I come up with a design and have it instantly perfect? A gauge swatch or two would prolly help, lol. Gauge swatches are for normal people. I get bored before I can finish a swatch. snicker. Its amazing I finish anything... ever.

Lil'lily is going through a growth spurt. She's nursing 24/7. I think babies have this maniacal plan... wait till momma wants to do something then pin her down by her boobies! hehehe. With 2 nursing toddlers and an infant it's amazing that I ever get outta my chair. Course I'm getting sneaky. Them two toddlers hunt me down like raptors, especially right after showering. They know I have to get dressed at some point. They stalk me from the shower to my bedroom. I'm getting smarter though. WWF tag team still gets me now and then. I love them so much and I love our quiet time together. Time to cuddle with the wee one now.

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Sarah said...

I am anxiously awaiting for you to get your business up and running. I know how it goes though. I can't seem to get going on what I want to do either.