Nak? Nursing at keyboard. Little ones are so precious. Granted bigger ones are as well, just fewer precious moments and more *interesting* moments. Today was filled with mommy's back moments... which means much more whining and testing than usual. Yesterday I went shop-hopping. I think I went to 8 different yarn shops yesterday. Woo hoo! Now I want to knit, buy yarn, knit, and oh yeah, buy lots more yarn, hehehe. My fantasy yarn shop would carry every yarn and pattern I could ever desire, before I desired it. Tim, my hubby, has to be thrilled that no yarn shop like this exists.

I now have this strong desire, want, neeeeeed to work with Mango Moon sari yarn, Lorna's lace weight yarn, and Fibertrends estonian lullaby blanket. I'm thinking of one of Rowan's classic yarns or possibly Classic Elite's Premiere (?) for the blanket. What to do, what to do. Life is way too short for all the yarns I NEED to knit with. Not too mention my 30+ ufos and my 5+ years of stash projects.

I ordered some bfl wool today to try out on my soakers. I still haven't even tested all the different wools I have. Oh well, thankfully the stash game is over. hehehe.

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