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What do you get someone who is marrying their 3rd husband again? Huh? Wha? My sister had been married and divorced twice before when she married Russ. I really don't like being negative at a wedding, but I had little hopes for that marriage to last. Who gets married when you need couple's therapy BEFORE you get married. As you may have guessed by now they divorced a few years later. It was a pretty nasty split. One of the nastiest I've ever witnessed. Anywho, so my sis goes about her life for a couple years when she hooks up with Russ again. They've been dating again, very happily I might add, for the last 2 years or so and tied the knot yesterday. But... um... what do you get someone who has everything? It isn't like you can give them money. For financially successful peeps that would be an insult, right? So I finally decided I would make them something. I thought this cross-stitch was highly appropriate. When I think of a fairy tale I think of something bad happening before the end.. the 'and they lived happily ever after.' I hope my sis likes it as much as I did. Here's a photo of her 'walking down the aisle.' It was a very casual, Hawaiian wedding complete with roasted pig. Oh. my. goodness. I've never had any before. If you are what you eat then I'm a huge porker cuz I ate an obscene about of it! I really liked how she did her bouquet. She had someone hand out flowers to the guests. Jackie went along and collected it on her way to the altar and was able to hug and kiss friends and family. It almost made me cry.

So that was Saturday, right? On Friday I was the fat kid. You know the one that no one wants to play with... Totally was me. A group of friends get together locally to do crafts and what not. I was invited to join them 2 weeks ago and again Friday night. I get driving directions. Tim had agreed to go with me so we're all excited cuz it's a pseudo date, right? W. R. O. N. G. We arrive at the hosts house and her husband answered the door. What craft night, there isn't a craft night tonight. So he calls his wife. What craft night, there isn't a craft night tonight. I'm totally bummed out. With my recovering preggo brain I think for half a second that I got the date wrong when I realize I didn't. I mean, on Tuesday a friend said she'd see me on Friday, earlier on Friday another friends says she'll see me after 8 when she gets off work, and finally another friend sent me the addy to the hosts house. Now, I don't have anyone's cell phone numbers except the hosts. Why bother calling her again, I mean she already said there wasn't one. I only have 2 other peeps phone numbers so for a half an hour I ring back and forth these numbers... all the while knowing that they won't answer their phones because they are at craft night. So I emailed the group and asked if they were playing hide and go seek or just hiding and willing that I would go away. snicker. Anyway, the craft night was at the house that I went to. Everyone met up there. I could have joined them, but it would have been 9 before getting there. Between my night vision, my sense of direction and my total lack of coolness I would have seriously gotten lost. I plan on making the next craft night... if they don't go in hiding again. hehehe. The host's brain got befuddled with a new grandbaby and all. I can't wait to be a grandma. Er, yes I can, I mean my oldest is 11 years old so um, I can wait, but I'm really looking forward to it.... a long time from now. hehehe.

Hey, lookie, I'm making the Pismo hat from Marnie's blog. 150 stitches on a size 2 needle. I know a lot of knitters freak at size 2 needles, but I enjoy smaller knits. Not that I would want to make a cabled colossus sweater on size 2s any time soon. lol.

You will NEVER believe this. I told my hubby and he said he thought it was impossible. Ok, see, I ran to my LYS today to drop off the Blythe scarf and to pick up some wool wash I had ordered. When I walked in I remember these 2 Lantern Moon baskets I had been obsessing over. Oh, and the LM accessory pounch. And don't forget the Silky Wool tank I've been dying to knit. I stood there staring at the stuff for AT LEAST 15 minutes, no joke. I had decided that if I bought the pouch and the yarn for the tank I would be a real good girl for not buying it all. I already know what colors I want and everything. Nancy tells me that if I want to shop she's ok with that. I had arrived before the shop had opened. I tell her "I know, but..." We launched into a discussion of Ireland. I left the store without buying 1 single thing. Someone really needs to call the doctor now. What in the world has happened to me? I'm like motivated or something. Ok, shut up, motivated for ME. ha ha ha. Get this, it has been over a month since I've purchased any yarn. Oh my! That is the longest I've ever gone!!! I don't know if I can call myself a yarn huffer any more. I'm in remission or something. My hubby is a real motivator though. He told me the other day that if I put my mind to it we WILL move to Ireland. He complimented me by saying that whatever I really put my mind to happens so that's what I need to do here.

I'm thinking though that for Christmas that I'm asking for yarn, cuz if I don't buy it, it doesn't count, right??? *snort*

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EQ2Freak said...

Woot! Yarn for Christmas?!? Easy! I was at Walmart the other day and they just got in a HUGE new shipment of red heart!