Cafe Bastille

Cafe Bastille is DONE!!! No longer a UFO. Woo hoo! That's about all I've got to celebrate in the world of knitting. Oh no, it isn't. My baby camel smoke ring is finished and blocking. I'll post pictures as soon as it is done drying. I used a little hair conditioner on it and wow oh wow, did it ever soften up!

Ban the Boogie!!! Say it with me, Ban the Boogie! In other knitting news, my patience has met its match. Ok, so I'm not a patient person and it is pretty easy for me to come to the end of it. LOL. If you know ANYTHING about me, you'll know that I am an optimistic. This is NOT a good thing for me. Why? Cuz I'm a little kid so everything is like Christmas morning to me. My birthdays are a complete disaster. Wait... that's an understatement. I feel like sobbing after every one of them. Anyway, back to the knitting topic at hand. So I'm sitting back one night wanting something relaxing, fun, for me knitting. Plus I have this huge stash that is always making me feel guilty, right?
I found the perfect project, Boogie from Knitty, or so I thought. Enter scary movie music here. The thing is a freakin joke. I like the term handcrafted for my knits. This thing looks homemade in all the bad ways you can take that. There are so many design flaws with it. I've knit several of Knitty's patterns and have always loved them. Ban the Boogie! I so wish I had taken photos of the progress of this THING! The neckline is one of the biggest problems with the pattern. If you look really, really close at the pattern (like really fine print) you can see that she has the collar wadded up under her other shirt collar. So I rip back and kind of fix the collar. Still not totally happy.... but this is my fun, relaxing just for me knitting... RIGHT??? So I start finishing it when I realize that the armholes are another design flaw. Now I am designing sleeves for my vest so that I don't have to rip any more. If it still looks awful who wants to join me for a banishing negativity fire in my backyard? snicker.

I promise to try to be a better blogger. I've really got to get photos up of Rowan, my 1 year old, table top dancing... or Bella running around in her pretty wress (a huge prom dress style fluff)... or Timothy with his two front teeth missing. I am just now starting a tooth fairy pillow to hang from his bedroom doorknob. Thanks Pamela for the idea!!! Taco night, gotta run.

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