Well, it is done

What can I say? My dream job was to order all the merchandise for Pastimes. I was denied that dream job. I have no idea why, snicker. After months of soul searching I figured out what my next dream job would be. Receiving for Pastimes. Could you imagine? Being the first one to see the new yarns and accessories as they came in. I'm sure I wouldn't have held that position too long because for some reason not too much would make it to the shelves. I was actually going to approach Amy with the idea when she returned from the knitting cruise. *sigh* Another sad thing, I hadn't ever figured out the sales software. Over the last 2 years I had rang up about 10 customers. Now I'm pretty confident with the software after ringing up what seemed to be hundreds of customers. How sad is that! I just learned a skill that I will never use again.

Pastimes closed its doors October 2nd. Sunday was a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Nancy, above, is saying good bye to some loyal customers. Nancy, the dear heart, made me cry so many times. I was having a hard time all by myself, but with her having difficulty keeping the tears under control I lost it a few times. Emmet is helping another customer here finish her shawl. Amy is down further helping another customer. We had scheduled this time to say goodbye to customers, especially those who had developed relationships with us. Instead we got this. Ok, ok, I won't say anything more for fear that I will let my anger get the better of me. I know it may seem weird for me to get so mad.

There have been several other employees of Pastimes, but these 3 especially have made Pastimes what it is. They have been gracious, self-sacrificing, and unbelievably kind to so many that have entered here. Their combined knowledge of business operations, knitting and crochet, and teaching would fill a whole series of books. I respect these people so highly that I was disappointed with the way they were treated. I mean, come on people! Give props to those who deserve it. To those who have served you so that you could grow. Those who have served you and it should have been the other way around. Grrr.

I know that I'm a just a tiny fraction of the customers of Pastimes, but I would like to say thank you! Thank you for what you have given of yourselves! Thank you for everything!!!

I love you.

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