Lots of knitting, lots of crap

I need a vacation. Like a really long one. Maybe a permanent one. Ever think it would be nice to be declared insane? Lock you up in a padded room. All alone. Where they make sure you don't get stressed? Of course, they would let me have my knitting because it's therapeutic. Sometimes. Ever feel like someone else's life would be better? Sign me up baby!!!

Yeah, it really has been trying for me lately. I've gotten lots of knitting done, woo hoo, kind of. Thank goodness for friends right now. They are the only ones keeping me sane. House is trashed. Kids are sick. Husband is sick. Not only is husband sick, because he's sick I have to give him some slack. It's like trying to reel in a shark on 10 lb line!!! Weeeeeeeeeee, run baby run. Yeah, so his Evercrack (thankies Erik for that term) has reached an all new high. I started playing again which is ironic. It has been my selfish time.

My last week has been like this. Monday, clean, take care of screaming kids, clean and sob into my pillow. Tuesday, clean, a break (better run for it) as a friend and I hung out for a while, go home and clean. Speaking of such friend. We discussed super powers. She has decided that her super power would be setting peeps on fire. I don't think she can call herself a super hero. Well, except the people she was talking about lighting up are villains in their own right. So... she would be doing the world a huge favor. She got a new car yesterday. A black beemer, a Z3 I think. I can just see her careening madly, knocking over pink frilly teenagers and the ones she misses she blasts with a fireball. LOL. I'm scared to go for a ride with her. The 'OH SH&$' handle will be well used. I thought my super power would be to read peeps minds, at will, and not have them know it. I reconsidered and decided that the more fitting power would be the ability to annoy peeps until they scratch their own brains out. LMBO. I'm not sure which skill is more disturbing, hers or mine. Any, back to life as we know it. Wednesday, um... can't remember so I'm going to guess it was so horrific I blocked it from my memory. Oh, if only I could chose to do that more often. Thursday, yeah yeah yeah, it was our knitting group's first time to meet up. Knitting with the ladies. Oh, my memory is going, the super power discussion actually happened on Thursday. My god! I'm losing it... well I lost it long ago... so what do you call it when you are sinking further? Anyway, I think you are getting the picture. Bunch o crap, little sleep and rats!!!

My kids start freakin' last night around midnight that they saw a rat. I'm afraid of the dark and the little ones' light bulb has gone out. Try to wake up Tim. grrrrr. Frickin frackin rotten fink. Um, he didn't get up. I grab the broom, flashlight, and emptied a yarn bin to catch it in. I have no clue what to do as we've never had a rat in the house before. We need a cat again. I sweep out every dark corner in all the room saving the little ones room for last. I heard something, leaped (more like flew) up onto Bella's bed waking her up. No clue what made the noise, but no rat found. Anywhere. It's now 2 a.m. I feel like having a heart attack. I hear rat scratching sounds everywhere. I can see them running all around in the darkness. How am I supposed to sleep? I guess with one eye half open.

Blah, blah, blah. Knitting, that's what you are here for. Shut up T, no one is listening to you!!! So I got a scarf made for Gracie, seed stitch out of Galaxy. Scarf made for Bella, stockinette out of Lucky. Scarf for myself, garter out of Pansy. I got my tank finished. Lousy picture. Give me a break. I am blogging, didn't have the drive to get a decent photo of anything. Got my vest made. Yes, it does look like crap in the photo. I had a problem with it. I washed it, laid it out to dry, and by carefully handling it grew several sizes too big. I washed it and dried it to shrink it back down. It still is a little too big... and wrinkly from the dryer. No brain power to work on it though. Oh, Rowan's hat turned out perfecto! Made from Oddyssey. Wonderful merino yarn. I will post the pattern later with fotos of Rowbug wearing it. I will include instructions on older child sizing and adult sizing as well.

And finally, a foto of my dagger. It is in progress. It originally was just a slab of steel. I've been using a hand saw, hand files and sandpaper to get it to the state it is now. I'm going to define the edge more and then sand, sand, sand till I get a mirror finish on it. The handle should be interesting as I'm going to carve it from wood after attaching it to the blade. I'm pretty impressed with it so far. A ton of laboring has gone into it so far and it ain't even half done.

Captain's log: Life is crap. Friends are good. Send truffles and no one will get hurt!

P.S. Grace says that monsters come in at night and do all the bad stuff. Like get into the ever precious dew, makeup, wipe their fingerprints all over clean mirrors, stuff like that. So, if you see a monster, kick 'em where it hurts for me please.

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Sarah said...

Knife is looking great!!! I'm impressed. I'm jealous that I can't knit as fast or as much as you. I always enjoy your blogging. I'll call you soon.