Pastimes Whistler Retreat

Wednesday night I decided to attend the 4 day Pastimes Knitting Retreat in Whistler. I told you I needed a vacation. I got a great one! Wish it would never end. I packed so much into it though I thought I would show ya'll the landscape. Peep photos coming soon. Be warned though that lots and lots of sillyness ensued.

We arrived Thursday evening around 7 p.m. and walked into the village for dinner. There seemed to springs of life welling up everywhere. I love water, the sounds, the textures, and the soothing nature of it. I think there are few things as beautiful. Even a single drop of water holds an immense amount of beauty. Water holds the power of serenity and reflection.

Friday morning I woke at 6 a.m. I headed out for a short hike at around 6:30. Oh my. The fog seemed to swallow so much of the countryside at that hour. It was beautiful. It was however too dark for my lil' camera to get too many good shots. I found an interesting nature trail. My fears over took me, bear maulings and all, so I tried to recruit someone to hike with me. to no avail. Later on I took a walk up the hillside. Stupid me, I started off at too fast a clip and burned my thighs before I was up the first incline. I didn't get up too far before resting and then heading back down. The countryside here is breath taking... for real... like I gasped multiple times at the beauty.

I would love to be surrounded by the delicate nature of this place every day, however I think I would lose the ability to be awestruck. I live with the gorgeous Mt. Ranier practically in my backyard and forget it's there until someone points it out and then I'm like 'Oh yeah, the mountain.' I definitely will have to make it to the retreat often, which is an annual event.

Saturday we spent the day in classes. Erik, however, spent the day photographing this exquisite wonderland. I am impatiently awaiting his gallery of work.

Sunday, we went horseback riding. Wow, the tranquility!!! We were able to do something as a group of friends, quietly, peacefully enjoying this land that will rip the words right out of your mouth. We stopped for a few more photo ops on the way home. I miss the fog. I miss the rocks. I miss the water and its craddling serenity.

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