Pastimes Peeps BBQ

Check out the cute frog trying to get his lunch through the glass! He was so adorable following the bug along the window sill. Made me want to take it out to him. Course he wouldn't appreciate that gesture. There are a ton of tiny tree frogs all over the place at Amy's house. I love frogs.

So the Pastimes crew got together for a BBQ yesterday to celebrate our time together at Pastimes. I have no idea what Emmet was doing here, but he sure has a rapt audience. William, in the grey coat, is such a great guy. I wish I knew him better. I have never seen him in a bad mood. I wish I was more even keel like he is. The crew is going to get together on a weekly basis and I'm hoping he can join us being the big ole college man that he is. :p Over to the right you can see that Emmet is still carrying on. He's wearing the infamous Jack's Back. I love that sweater!!! Liz is standing to the left in the photo in the killer green sweater. I want one! It's from a pattern called Merino Top Down out of Jo Sharp Silk Road Tweed. I have some in dark purple for a cabled vest for myself. Liz is another even keeled person. Amy must have hand selected these people to try to balance out us freaks. LOL. Ok, so maybe I'm the only freak in the group and it takes a bunch to try to balance me out. snicker. Don't ask me how Amy snuck into all these photos. I think if you look real closely you can see her reflection in the frog photo. snicker. It's almost like where's waldo. Lol. In the photo to the left you can see Amy (of course), Liz (in the bee yoo tee ful sweater), Nancy (who I think felt it was her job to make sure I cried like a baby), and Kristen. I can't say much about Kristen as I never really worked with her. I do know the rest of the crew was quite fond of her.

And last, but not least, is Erik (seen in the background of this photo). Erik is Amy's brother. Ummm... :) See, Erik played a joke on Nancy and I last week. I got my revenge and boy was it sweet. :P finger lickin'. He looks very suspicious in this photo, doesn't he? hehehehe. So, after all my kind words about the Pastimes crew he felt that I should say something nice about him. I was going to be naughty, but I feel that we should call a truce as someone is going to get hurt so here goes... Amy holds Erik in high regard. That alone should tell you that he is a man to be respected. He is an intelligent, good looking, self-motivated photography in need of a girlfriend so... if anyone has an extra blow up doll, please send it his way. And if anyone wants to send me some flowers, I will be in the hospital... lmbo!!!

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