Bringing up the past

You'll have to forgive my photos as I haven't blogged in a bit as I was waiting for the *perfect* time to take photos. Ha! That'll never happen so I quickly took some photos. So a blast from the past coming at'chya.

This is a bias knit scarf I made from Pandora yarn. I made this a few weeks ago.

This is a Top Down sweater I made from Silk Road Aran. I finished this sweater in November.

This is 'To Dye For' made from Knitpicks Suri Dream. I think I knit this up around the beginning of the year. hehehe. Can't remember.

Made from Rowan's Calmer. Think I made this up around the beginning of the year. Lol.

This is an R2 yarn and pattern made sometime last year I think. snicker.

Mmmm, Big Wool sweater for hubby. No clue, last year?

Mmmm, Rowan Plaid which I finished up around Christmas I believe.

Even better. Finished up like a month ago. Took about a week and a half. Including 2 days totally down for the stomach flu. I wear this EVERY chance I can get. Love, love, love it!

And last, but not least, is Queen Mab. You notice how it isn't finished? I needed one more skein because I was about 10 yards short. Ordered the new skein and haven't picked it up since then. Will have to finish it soon for winter wear. Loving the Queen Mab!

And that kind of, sort of, brings us up to date.

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