Now on to the Present

So now we will travel through the museum of handspuns to date. Lol.

Here we find my very first handspun ever. I spun this wool up on my Lendrum Travelling wheel. I knit it up into the multidirectional scarf that I then pot dyed it with Wilton's. I deliberately didn't mix the dye well so that I would get some 'splotchiness.' Like the technical terms. lol.

Here we find the beautiful handspun baby alpaca. This is my second handspun, again on my wheel. You can get a glimpse of my handy, dandy tags I made for my yarns. Yes... an original graphic... hahaha, done in Paint even.

I had a bit of leftovers from the alpaca that I plied using the Navajo technique. I think I did perty good for a first attempt.

Here is my beautiful 3rd skein done up on my wheel. I have tons more to spin up, which will eventually be made into a lightweight sweater for my hubby as long as I have enough yarn for that. This is 100% wool. Not sure what type.

This is my 4th skein made up on my wheel. I adventured into 100% silk this time. I left it as a single. Much more difficult to work with than wool, but a fun adventure anywhoo.

Here I begin playing with textures. Done on my wheel.

Here is my BFL spun up. Beautiful. I'm currently knitting this into a sweater for Lily Mae.

Here we begin my adventures into spinning with a spindle. This is my first successful skein. Well... actually my first skein was successful, but highly overspun as I took the directions a little too literally. Lol. 100% wool. Not sure of the source.

Here is the above yarn knit into a raglan for Rowan. He LOVES it.

This is my second batch on the spindle with fudge brownie fiber. These lovelies are waiting for the rest to be spun up for a sweater for me. Not sure if I'll design a pattern or find one. As always, leaning towards an Elsebeth Lavold pattern. hehehe.

This is my third batch on the spindle. Bella was so envious that Rowan got a sweater that I had to start spinning for her. She loves it so much that she won't let anyone touch HER yarn.

I know I'm a beginner spinner, but had to share with others. So I held a spinning class at my house. We made up spindles, demonstrated dyeing fibers. These are the results. This pretty little spindle is the one I made up. Under it is the fiber spun from my dyeing demo. I didn't dye much.

Check out the beautimus spindles I have no acquired!!! From left to right they are: Viking Santa 1.6 oz spindle, Golding Celtic knot 1.9 oz spindle, Golding Tsunami 0.6 oz spindle, Kundert 1.3 oz spindle, and Cascade Pilchuck 1.3 oz spindle. They have a sibling in transit... :) Wait till you see this new beauty!

I got a noste and a dinky niddy noddy. Bit too small for practical use, but cute anywho. I have an Ashord NN too. Oh and my hubby bought me a Space board. Woot woot. I have blocking pins in transit too. So this wraps up the Spinning Museum. I hope you enjoyed yourself. Snicker!


Amy said...

So when are we going to see your yarn line hit the shelves at our favorite retailers? :)
At the rate you're going, I expect that you'll be needing warehouse space to store all your lovely handspun! Very cool.

me said...

LOL! Thanks for the compliment! Means a lot! I'm actually doing pretty good about using it as I make it. So far, hehehe