Ooh la la, New Fiber

Eva, of Alpacas of Fair Meadow Farms, has a fiber group that meets during the summer. Headed over there and picked these lovelies up. The ones on the sides are baby alpaca combed top hand-dyed by her. I can't wait to spin these up. The one in the middle is bombyx top in color Abalone from chasing rainbows dyeworks. I haven't worked much with silk so a little nervous, but totally psyched to spin it.

Umm, so, I went shopping... over to Weaving Works. I picked up a jumbo flyer for my wheel and a couple of bobbins. Also picked up these beauties. From left to right they are cinnamon cotton roving, merino top in colorway Sage, Concord merino/silk blend, and white soysilk.

I happened to pick this up too. It's a Cascade Spindle called Pilchuck. It works really well. I will post some more pictures soon. I spun up some heavily overspun yarn on this and am working on my second batch. On the first batch I tried out Andean plying. Worked really well. I finished spinning some alpaca on my wheel. My 3rd skein spun on that. Not perfect, but coming along nicely. One bobbin was fuller than the other so I tried out Navajo plying with the leftovers. I really like it. Took a bit to get the hang of it. I have some teal Colonial wool on the wheel now. I finished my jacket on Friday... ooh la la. It is sooooo nice. I'll post pics of that soon as well.

Now on to obsessing about wants, err I mean NEEDS. I need Forsyth wool combs, raw fiber of course, 2 Golding spindles, nostepinne, a small niddy noddy, blocking pins and a blocking board... of which I cannot find anywhere online or locally. It would be so handy to pin pieces out to a marked board. NEED... :p

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Sarah said...

So glad you're blogging again! I missed it!