Yeah, well, Strike That!

Ignore everything I said before about plans. I don't even want to go there. LOL! I have been up to lots and lots. I tried out Typepad thinking it would be easier to customize than Blogger, but it isn't so here we go again.

Above you can see my ticker for weight loss. For some reason it can't do math properly as I have lost 9 lbs today! Not too bad for less than 2 weeks. I am currently on a "raw" foods diet. I have been on this before and loved it. It is a bit difficult to stay dedicated to it as you pretty much have to pack food with you every where you go. I made the mistake of Sunday taking unprepared food with me to a potluck so that I could whip something up for myself. By the time the potluck began I was too hungry and just dug into the cooked foods. Oh well. Lesson learned. We have another potluck this Sunday and I'm definitely taking prepared foods with me. I started on this again not so much for the weight loss, which I'm not going to complain about, but to detox and get healthy. I tried to quit smoking at the same time. When you choose not to drink coffee, eat candy, or drink Mountain Dew.... you've cut almost all indulgences. I had to start smoking again after a half a day as I was going to kill people. LOL!

I am really looking forward to being under 200 lbs. Since having gained all this weight with my fifth pregnancy I've flirted with 200 lbs a couple of times, but never has fulfilled it.

I know some of you will object to a "raw" foods diet and voice your concerns for my health. I love you too! :) Trust that I've done the research. Trust that I know my body well enough to stop when I know something isn't right. If you can get past the detox phase you will see what I mean about my body feeling lighter, better clarity of mind, and an increase of energy. I'm in the eye of the detox phase so yesterday I was feeling like total crap.

I would really like to continue on this diet for as long as it is needed/desired. I'm concerned as I leave this Wednesday for a week in which the retreat center will be making all the food. I think I will pack some foods for me to supplement their meals. I know they will have some raw foods there. I'm thinking of trying a hard core detox diet when I get back. I don't know. I have 3 weeks from the return of that training till I leave for the next training in Virginia. I'm a jet setter, ya know?

I will stop boring you for now. Loves to my peeps!

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