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Well, I woke up and am at 195.4 lbs today. Almost to my next goal of 195 lbs. I don't call it until I am there or under. Maybe tomorrow. Lost 2 inches off my waist in the last month. Woot! I got back on Monday night from my training. It was wonderful and I feel more empowered.

Knitting front: I finished a felted tote from "Knitting for Peace." I am really enjoying that book and find it very inspiring. It sounded silly to me, but bought it any way. LOL! I am currently working on an hourglass sweater from Knit Picks Andean Silk in olive. I'm at the waist increases now. I will take photos soon.

Spinning front: I finally broke out my charkha last night. I sat down with the video and started spinning on it right away. Totally fun and addicting since you fill a bobbin quickly. I want to read a book on Gandhi soon. Sort of goes along with the theme of knitting for peace. I love the idea of nonviolent protesting. It's the whole 'green peace-er' in me. Not that I have ever been a part of Green Peace, but I was always called one when growing up. Stigma? Not! Total compliment even if it wasn't meant that way. LOL!

Gonna go knit for a bit. Have a knitty day!

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